Jennifer Lopez’s highly anticipated Las Vegas residency is at risk due to disappointing ticket sales for her upcoming tour, according to a report from The New York Post. The singer was close to securing a lucrative $90 million deal, but sources indicate that MGM Resorts International is now hesitant to make such a significant commitment.

A source close to the negotiations revealed that MGM is concerned about Lopez’s recent tour performance, stating, “MGM is watching her not doing well on the road. They are very nervous. It’s pretty rare you have a poor tour and then go to Vegas.” Instead of the original $90 million deal, the source suggested a more realistic offer would be between $600,000 and $650,000 for fewer shows. Another source confirmed that no deal has been signed yet, and negotiations are ongoing.

This news comes after the release of Lopez’s ninth studio album, This Is Me… Now, a sequel to her 2002 project, This Is Me… Then. Following the album’s release, Lopez hinted at the possibility of retiring from music.

“The truth is I don’t even know if I’ll ever make another album after this. It’s such the kind of quintessential kind of Jennifer Lopez J.Lo project and I really feel very fulfilled, so they really will be collector’s items at a certain point,” she told ET. “Don’t tell Benny [Medina] that that’s what I’m thinking — this might be my last album ever. I feel like it’s the end of a kind of an era for me and the beginning of a new one, so I would never say never, but right now I feel like I really put my heart and soul into this and I’m very excited and it definitely took a lot out of me.”