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JC ft. Calboy – “Skyscrapin”

Singer-songwriter, JC delivers us a new single with fast rising talent Calboy. According to a statment to the press, JC wrote this song in his living-room and after linking up with Calboy digitally, his team thought it would be perfect for a collab. The song’s DNA includes personnel from Nashville, Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago and Atlanta so this song is all over the map, but collectively, they managed to make it a relevant vibe and motivational through encouraging the art of “Skyscrapin.” At the end of the day JC had five vocal surgeries only to return triumphant with this new single, so props to him for using Hip-Hop and music to fight through his various health conditions. With “Skyscrapin” JC hopes fans find this song encouraging and revitalizing enough to drive listeners to remember that their goals and aspirations are important enough to pursue no matter what the circumstances. Tune in above:

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