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#IndieSpotlight: Mr2theP Emerges With Two New Singles

For South California born emcee Mr2theP, it all started in the trenches as a battle rapper. He grew up living an almost stereotypical party surfer lifestyle, which when mixed with his love of Hip Hop made him unique — to say the least. He and his group Alwayz Double Dippin’ gained a very healthy regional following but disbanded following the murder of their manager.

Since that point, P broke out as a solo act, dropping a bevy of projects and rocking festivals and sold out theatres across the country. His discography includes three solo, which features iconic artists like Mistah Fab, and two collaborative releases, The Black & White Project and Friday The 25th, both of which he recorded with battle-rap superstar Daylyt, who most recently asserted as status as king troll by releasing a mixtape focused on rapper Young MA.

“When I came to, that’s what the pain do … either you grow or you die like a tree do.”

Currently, he’s in the lab putting the finishing touches on the first installment of his upcoming series, Island Fever — produced by Darren Vegas. He relocated to the island of Maui following the loss of his daughter. This, among a host of introspective revelations, makes up the super deep new song “Ocean.” The song dropped as part of a two pack on 4/20 along with “Milk and Cereal,” which sports a more boom-bap aesthetic and bars, packaged as ‘shower thoughts’ that he’s thinking over a bowl of cereal. Unlike “Ocean,” he more asserts his lyrical dominance here: “I say I’m coming for they head, I’m a cereal [play on serial] killer, none iller, they can’t fuck with my material.”

Both songs also sport similar art direction, which we can likely expect from the upcoming series. Check out both of the new songs, below.


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