The last year of Michigan rapper Int3rnational’s 17-year run in the hip-hop game has been the most real; most notably, he quit his 9-5 and is going at his dreams full-time. That’s a bold move for any artist, but also a necessary step if you plan to make it a lifetime career. The grind is nothing new to the rapper, though. Without many people to rely on early on, it had become a custom for INTL to take stages into his hands, booking the bulk of his gigs, and battles — many of which he won. So he’s well-versed in handling his own career; his new focus will only serve to help him spread his brand of golden era goodness across the nation.

If you’re a straight up underground, backpacker, substance-filled-bar loving head, this kid is right up your alley. Across his catalog, which includes a record with famed Detroit producer Apollo Brown [amongst other gems], he has a deceptively 90s sound that sounds like it’s straight off a cassette dub from your favorite 90s college radio show.

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