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#IndieSpotlight: Dallas Native Huss Drops Bonfire Project

25-year-old Dallas, Texas, based producer/artist Huss has been on our radar for a while now. In fact, Magnetic Magazine included his track #Bae on their  definitive “Dallas” song list. With influences from grungy rock, smooth R&B, electro, jazz, and southern vibes combined, he has a unique sound. He recently hit us off with Bonfire, his first full-length project. At ten tracks in length, it’s part beat tape, part self-help seminar, and part EP in one well-produced package.

A bulk of the tape is simply Instrumentals; there’s the slow, grimy bass of “Jurassic,” the more upbeat head nodding bounce of “Waves,” and the electro/piano vibe of “META,” which is emblazoned with a self-help monolog. The tone of the latter is simple, “don’t let dreams be dreams.”

He does have guest vocals from the likes of SMOKESTKZ, Osiris Ruff, and BLXCK SINATRA (on two records). While all of the songs with vocals are in the same pocket, they have completely different vibes. The crown jewel, though, is BLXCK SINATRA’s “Harmonic.” The record’s snapping drum pattern and the jazzy undertones make for an incredible vibe. “Life’s a bitch, but she’ll love you if you hit it right — I did a lot of wrong, I been trying to get it right,” raps BLXCK amid cool jazzy horns.

There is also an alternate version (from that on SoundCloud). The YouTube version appears to have more contextual interludes making for a better listening experience — not unlike the album mixes that J.Rocc provides for Dilla releases. As well, the alternate sequencing seemed to make more sonic sense.

This project is made for long summer nights riding around with the windows down; if you’re not up on Huss, give Bonfire a spin. Adjust your bass accordingly.

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