Ohio-based hip-hop artist and serial entrepreneur IAMGOLDFINGER officially releases his 11-song debut album on Fight Tyme Music via Song/AMG. Filled with massive production that encapsulates his deep lyrics, Got Gold traverses a diverse bed of topical ground that explores his journey from prisoner to reformed executive.

“You rock the black Pradas, I’m the black prodigy.”

His name was given to him by his Ghanaian excellence, King Osabarimba Kwesi Atta II after a slew of humanitarian work within Ghana’s mining and tech industries; this is only one aspect of his story, though. He spent 28 months in prison — three summers — locked up for hacking; along with his eventual redemption and launch of Fight Tyme Live, a pay-per-view platform he used to launch his music career, this builds the thematic base of the record.

Sonically, the project doesn’t hop on the current wave; on beats that at times have a mid-2000 aesthetic (in a good way) and some 90s elements, the project feels fresh from top to bottom, never feeling stale or boring.

“Wonderful” is a standout track with its gorgeous melody laced with a boom-bap drum pattern. “Time traveling my mind unraveling,” he says on the chorus surrounded by a bevy of bars that explores his rise in the corporate tech sector. “Killin’ the markets you probably never heard of me,” he raps, before adding “you rock the black Pradas, I’m the black prodigy.”

Another standout is “Revenge,” a song that sees the rapper leaning on his success as the best form of revenge against those that either took advantage of him or didn’t see his vision at it’s earliest iteration. “I ain’t hustled backward, you cowards talked with your backs to us … salty ‘cause we’re independent, nobody backing us,” he raps on the contemporary, bassy, instrumental.

The accordion-laced, boom-bap vibe of “Can’t Fade Me” provides one of the LP’s best flows, IMO.

Though he lacks the catalog length to articulate the growth he’s experienced, Got Gold is ultimately a strong debut that gives a glimpse into what IAMGOLDFINGER has to offer the game. With a lot of behind the scenes wins, it remains to be seen if his music will get the 24k shine it deserves.

Looking to forgo Lean/Xan raps, this is a worthy option.

The LP is available now via Spotify.