Hate It Or Love It: Soulja’s Name Holds Weight

It wouldn’t be accurate to call Soulja unsuccessful by any means; in fact, his debut single went triple platinum. Realistically, he’s still eating off of that. He has emerged as a smart businessman, though, spinning his single into a $23 million-plus empire that spans from endorsement deals, television–even a club–as well as his questionable music. With a decade in the game, he’s proved himself to be a trendsetter in every sense of the word.

Most recently, he’s kept his name ringing with an almost calculated series of ‘tough-guy-isms’ that have inadvertently amused black twitter to no end—but, the joke is really on us. Whether brandishing guns on the gram, beefing with Yachty over a girl, embellishing an attempted robbery story or—within the past 24 hours—throwing shots of Chris Brown [sigh] and (seemingly) being robbed while showing his hood-cred via Facebook live, he’s managed to keep his name ringing, for better or for worse. I almost liken it to Lil’ B; those who like him love him. There’s no middle ground, ultimately.

His supporters were out in full force recently and ready to offer praise to young Soulja after he gave his fans a gift—free Bluetooth headphones. Granted, there was a questionably high shipping rate attached to that, but still, he’s doing his best to weigh the Good with the bad. As well, last weekend’s #souljaboychallenge made a potentially embarrassing situation a social media phenomenon. This all adds fuel to the flame, and makes the probability of him snagging more lucrative endorsements that much more likely. We he lacks in actual bars, he’s seemingly making up for with racks and success.

I ain’t even mad—get yours, kid!

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