The Grey Jones Club: She’s Got Next

Sex sells and compelling/shocking visuals hold your attention – if you can also get some bars out of it, well that’s just a bonus. What do I mean by that? Remember Yonkers? Remember Eminem’s debut album? When it’s kind of messed up, but you can’t stop consuming it, the artist is doing something right!

That’s how I felt after watching the (Worldstar Hip-Hop) video for The Grey Jones Club’s Severed Dick. The title alone is click bait – and the video has a total NSFW twist. There’s also that bonus though, the one I was talking about. She has bars, and an entertaining delivery. I immediately googled her and checked out her debut mixtape Manic Pixie Dream Whore.

With buzz happening around the song, and lack of detail about this girl as an artist, I had to find her and interview her. Check out our discussion below.

Introduce yourself and maybe tell me a little about how you got into hip-hop.

I’m The Grey Jones Club. I’m a rapper from Atlanta Georgia. I go by The Grey Jones Club because I’ve got so many styles I feel like I’m a group – and if my personality was a color it would probably be grey. I’ve been writing music since 2010 but Manic Pixie Dream Whore is my first completed project. I have the soul of an artist. I could’ve been a painter, a surrealist film director or a fucking mime – but rap music is my chosen medium. Growing up in poverty I wasn’t exposed to fine arts and theatre and all that shit, so all the great artists I knew of and respected were rappers. I always wanted to be like them.

Who were some of your influences?

I listen to all types of rappers. I grew up on people like Nas, Mos Def, Common, Outkast and Dead Prez. You know, the conscious rappers and also the whole neo soul movement. Those things influenced my style. I’m also  from Atlanta, so I support a lot of the local artists out there. I love Atlanta and I love our sound so Jeezy, Gucci – and others – are also really big influences of mine. My favorite rapper of all time is Lil Wayne and I adore Chief Keef and Young Thug.

The Grey Jones Club: She's Got Next
Download The Grey Jones Club’s Manic Pixie Dream Whore from DatPiff

How do you describe your music?

My music is like my personality. And I don’t have just one personality, I have many. My music is cynical and naive. My music is self deprecating and cocky. My music is full of hope and desperation. My music goes through every emotion that I do. My music is honest.

Its funny because in relationships I am very guarded, but in my music I put it all out there no matter how unflattering.

My music is my place to be free.

Can you tell me about your latest project Manic Pixie Dream Whore?

MPDW is my baby. Its my big dream finally peeking it’s head out and allowing itself to be seen. I dropped the record in December. I started recording in June but the person who wrote those songs seems so long gone to me. I’ll always love MPDW because I’ll never be in that place again. It was me saying “Im a fucking rapper damn it, respect me as such”! To be honest, I’m already on to the next thing. But listen to it anyway! I heard it’s really good!

So everyone in my circle is talking about your Severed Dick song/video – what’s the story behind that track?

I wrote the song for Worldstar – shout out to Q. MPDG was already mastered and everything. I had the idea for the video in my head for a while. I just didn’t have particular song in mind. I knew the penis mutilation video would be perfect for Worldstar because it would grab attention. I just needed a way to work the concept into the title so I could really make people wanna click. I was thinking about Dick Biter at first, but that didn’t flow right to me. So I changed it to Severed Dick, heard the beat, started freestyling to myself, and that’s how I got the song.

For the record, the song does not promote misandry in any way, shape or form. I just wanted to make a light hearted song that deals with dating from a realistic female perspective. So boys don’t take it personally. Your man bits are safe with me.

What are you currently working on?

I’m in the process of recording my second mixtape Mainstream. Its going to be out April or May. Look out for that. Its gonna be like MPDW’s big sister. Still me, but much more focused and refined.

I could’ve been a painter, a surrealist film director or a fucking mime – but rap music is my chosen medium.

– The Grey Jones Club

What is your overall goal as an artist? What do you hope that people take away from your music?

There are so many female pioneers in hip hop that I have to thank for my existence. I could sit here and name them all, but anybody who supports female rappers already knows that much. I’m here to push it even further. Yes female rappers are getting shine now but we are still limited. There are no females out right now who rap how I rap, or who share my perspective. I have a way with words but my most valuable asset is my honesty. I have been through a lot, and struggled with depression and self esteem issues. I’m here to tell people its ok to be flawed. Those flaws are a part of what makes you who you are. None of the female musicians I looked up to growing up made me feel that way. They were all hiding behind this facade of perfection. I aim to change the way people view female rappers. I aim to be an Icon. A legend.

Any last words for our readers?

Like my shit. Share my shit. Scream about my shit from the mountain tops. Send my shit out via carrier pigeon. Just spread the word. I am what’s next.

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