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Frank Ramz drops MEDU$AVILLE

Kamostyle’s own Frank Ramz released his latest project called, MEDU$AVILLE on December 14th. This is the Bronx-born rapper’s follow-up to his 2012 release Quite Frankly. He describes that project as being “very moody and kind of depressing;” his mindset at the time revealed him in his rawest and purest form.

With MEDU$AVILLE, Ramz says he is in a slightly difference mode now. Being out of that original mindset, he is still staying true to his emotions while capturing the events happening within society through his pen.

“The tape is called MEDU$AVILLE because I use to own a pair of Versace glasses. The Medusa logo was on the side of it. This is my way of welcoming people into my world and allowing them to see life through my frames/eyes. So hopefully, after you listen to it, you’ll have a better understanding of who Frank Ramz is.” [sic]

And I believe his project will do just that.

Make sure you check out his new lyric video called “King’s Dream” on kamostyle.com.

Frank Ramz will be having his release party on Saturday, December 19th at H Loft, located on 226 West 145th in Manhattan, NY. It starts at 7 pm. RSVP at medusaville@gmail.com for your free entry. If you don’t RSVP, it is 5 dollars to get in. There will be an Open Bar of Taylor port.

Instagram: @RAMZYY
Twitter: @FrankRamz

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