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Fire Beats: SHARP Serves Up Weed, Sex, And Hot Chocolate

Bronx-born producer SHARP has been steadily expanding his DJ portfolio, spinning both overseas and at high profile events for NIKE, Honda, Zoo York, Footlocker, Footaction, and National Honor Society. His production for artists such as SHIRT, MidaZ the Beast, cRITICAL, Wordsworth, Skyzoo, and Smoovth, and Hus the Kingpin has been featured on NAHRIGHT, KevinNottingham and other top HipHop blogs. Now, he’s kicking it up a notch with the release of his first album, “WEED, SEX & HOT CHOCOLATE MMXVI,” which is available for stream and purchase on his website.

Get to know SHARP a little better with the Q&A below – and be sure to pre-order his album!

How did you get into music?

I started off with pause tapes, then looping and extending beats. The Gemini 8 second sampler/mixer with a 4 Track became “The Studio.” While DJing through High School, I started to get familiar with the records that were sampled. First sat in front of an MPC3000 in 1996 – and you can say it was on from there.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Pete Rock, Bomb Squad, RZA, and DITC.

What have you released thus far?

There’s “LOOPS” with MidaZ The Beast, and “Box Of Razors” with NYC artist SHIRT. I produced the “Writer’s II” remix for HUS KINGPIN’s latest release #HOKTRE. My instrumental EP “MAXIM MMXIII” along with my first Album “WEED, SEX & HOT CHOCOLATE” can be found on LOVESHARP.net and all other digital media outlets.

Describe your sound.

You can call it vintage, current – or, adult contemporary hip-hop.

What are you currently working on?

“LOOPS II” with MidaZ The Beast is about to be turned in. I’m working on various other instrumental projects, as well as a few placements.

What are your goal in the music industry?

To share my music with the world and get to a point where I can help others do the same.

What do you want people to take away from your music?

I want them to gain a soundtrack to their life and be inspired to do everything they want, with passion.

Are you looking for a deal, or would you rather be independent?

Whichever will allow me to focus on creating and sharing while all the “non-creative” aspects are covered by those who do it with passion. I have been independent, but I can see myself on a label like MellowMusicGroup or a similar situation.

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