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Eloheem–Cutabitch EP

Eloheem—the duo of UK-based OPM and Paris-native Sauveur—was formed in 2012 in Paris. After listening to OPM’s demos, Sauveur (formally known as Bob Snob) reached out to OPM with the hopes of producing for and with him. OPM traveled to Paris and stayed for two months at Sauveur’s place with to record demos and ultimately find his musical identity. Initially, although they had the same group name, only OPM was rapping. Three years later, Sauveur started to rap as well.

Outside of the group dynamic, Sauveur has a catalog of solo releases. He dropped an EP called BEAST this year. Their newest group EP, Cutabitch, is simply loosies, but the duo is currently working on their first album. OPM is also working on his first solo LP Mark of the Beast, and music videos from OPM will soon be released.

For now, check the realness—and if you’re feeling it, mash the share button.


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