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Don’t Sleep on M-Dot

M-Dot is a name that’s been floating around in my circle for a while; even his team has been on me over Instagram. The last straw was when a member of the Snowgoons camp shot me an email last week asking me if I’d heard his latest single (produced by them). I thought to myself, “I’m missing out.” So I popped in Ego And The Enemy and zoned out for two complete spins–man, did I sleep on him.

At seventeen gems, the Boston rapper has a super impressive line-up of production credits on here, like Snowgoons (whose Goon Bap was one of my top albums of 2016), Large Professor, Marco Polo, Buckwild, Hi-Tek, and more–not to mention cuts from the legendary Marley Marl. There are also some guest vocals from the likes of Method Man, the elusive Krumb Snatcha, and Camp-Lo, who recently celebrated 20 years since their debut album Uptown Saturday Night. Bar-wise, the dude is legit–which wasn’t surprising; his bar over bar flow (reminiscent of RA Da Ruggedman) and track record of features is insane, and he’s toured the world and shared stages with royalty.

This doesn’t seem forced–he’s not at all a culture vulture just dropping dollars to give tech effect of credibility; he’s earned his stripes. He’s won regional accolades previously granted to artists like Guru, Edo G, Mr. Lif–so, he’s in the lane. Ego And The Enemy is a fresh listen; my personal highlights were “Gleamin'” (the record with Marley Marl cuts), “Shine” with Meth. Also, don’t snooze on “Fugazzi,” which recently got a video treatment. Get up on M-dot!!!



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