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DJ Spotlight: Meet Dj Comma

Seattle’s own Dj Comma is aiming to build a legacy in the music industry. With four years of DJing under…

Seattle’s own Dj Comma is aiming to build a legacy in the music industry. With four years of DJing under the belt, and one solid year of producing, he’s committed himself to excellence. “[I] Always felt a deep attraction to music, even though I didn’t have any musicians in my family,” he tells AAHH, ” but I picked up a DJ console and started mixing in my room. I never looked back.”

He started spinning at house parties then got booked for weddings, proving to him how much potential this route had for him. “I wanted to be involved in the music industry more so I started to learn to produce,” he says.

Get to know Comma a little better; check out the full interview, below.


Can you describe your sound?

My sound is very widely themed, I’d say a combination of modern music with some early 2000 feel. I am definitely still keeping my music a bit experimental but my sounds influenced by early 2000’s hip-hop and Spanish music. My family is Mexican, and I remember listening to a lot of spanish music that my parents would play when I was younger. I make music that can make people move, not just mentally but physically. Some music just has one feel to it but at the end of the day my goal is to either get your mind thinking deeply or make you get in a trance, but I usually aim to do both that’s what pulls my music apart from other people.

How did you get involved in music?

I got involved playing my music at house parties when I was in High school. Everyone would ask me to play music all the time. Like an annoying amount of times. I remember not even showing people the music I liked to listen to then I realized I had a goldmine in my playlist of music nobody has heard before. Then people got to the point of asking me to get my music playlist ready for the football games and practices.

After I graduated, I didn’t even think about taking DJing to the next level. Instead, I went to school for graphic design in Seattle, where one of my roommates known as Sayu Beatz–a good and committed producer–told me that I should be a DJ after listening to a lot of music I would have playing that he had never heard before. Coming from him, that really made me think about my career path. He brought it to my attention, after all, I was still trying to stay involved in music. I remember going to SXSW to promote my graphic design to artists, but I felt like I had more potential than just that.

Who were some of your influences?

I was influenced growing up by artists like Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, and Enrique Iglesias. Kid Cudi influenced me to be creative every album sounded completely different and included a lot of emotion. 50 Cent music has hype, and he is always motivated and active outside of music, and his music also keeps your eyes open… like people out there struggling but still grinding. Enrique Iglesias was an international artist, sings in English and Spanish I remember my mom would always play his music when I was younger, and I started to listen to him as well as I got older.

Released: I have released one single called Make Em Mad featuring two artists it is on Spotify, SoundCloud, Itunes, and Tidal. It relates to peoples reaction to your success. I had met two artists that I knew had potential to make a good song off my beat. I sent it out they liked how it sounded, and we got to work.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on an album Expected to be released fall of 2018. Have been in touch with big-name artists for some features… More details will be released spring of 2018. I have been working on more content, I have been producing a lot and am send my beats out instead of keeping everything I make for my album.

Biggest achievements so far: I am 20-years-old and created a clothing brand on my own it is being invested at the first drop is expected spring 2018 with a website. I have played a variety of shows from houses to weddings to venues more than the average person of my age which has made me have great crowd control.

What are your goals in this industry?

My goals in the industry are to have the best live performances; I have been building a strong team to help me out with my performances. I also want to be in the music industry for many years creating the best content, and I start it all with my first album dropping fall of 2018. I also want to open people’s minds with deep meaning in my songs and maybe influence some people to do the same as well.

What’s next for you professionally?

I have been booked overseas for a Hip-Hop Festival the month of June in 2018. I am also working on getting on a tour with some big name artists to help me out, then go on tour after my album drops to promote it more. A lot more is coming my way, and you can check out my single in the meantime!

Check him out on Spotify!


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SODAMAN Ups His Buzz With The New EP ‘Wock N Roll’

Atlanta rapper $ODAMAN has been buzzing like a beehive on the regional scene. He’s been on our radar since dropping…

Atlanta rapper $ODAMAN has been buzzing like a beehive on the regional scene. He’s been on our radar since dropping the visual for his single “Accordion,” an airy song beaming with this youthful, new school soundscape coupled with surprisingly dope wordplay; what truly stands out is the fact that most of the bars sparkle after a few listens, as the song gets as deep as you’re willing to go with it.

As he explained in a recent interview, he set out to build a project around the energy of “Accordion,” which he managed to mostly do with his Wock N Roll EP, which officially hit the web a little over a month ago.

Sitting at a subdued five songs — making it a relatively light listen — the 21-year-old serves up an appetizer of relatively concise vibes, with enough bops and stylistic variation to keep things interesting. Kicking off with the booming southern vibe of the JBAND$-produced “Front Of The Plane,” he establishes his ability to lay down punchlines on repeat.

The slightly off-kilter instrumental of the HVRMEEZ produced “Run The Game” sees him once again busting his rapid-fire flow, and he — again — drops a level of bars that notch the average “dab” flow that dominates the scene. He has revealed that this, in fact, is the follow-up single with a video treatment already in the bag, which is a wise choice.

“Geekin'” featuring Boregard and the closer “Guappp” sit on the bottom of the pile on the playlist, though they still manage to get a few jabs in, rounding out an impressive offering.

Atlanta is a hotbed, no matter how you slice it; the city is overflowing with talent that — thanks to the net — are on the cusp of great things. $ODAMAN has the goods and is moonwalking the yellow brick road to the riches. He’s one hit away, but with the potency of this project’s first two singles, he’s one look away from being the next big thing from the south.


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Tau Makes Amends on New Single “Indecisive”

If Ye has taught us anything with his latest rant its that holding onto things that don’t sit right on…

If Ye has taught us anything with his latest rant its that holding onto things that don’t sit right on your soul can bubble over. This is partly the mantra behind Baton Rouge rapper Tau’s latest single “Indecisive,” featuring OGI.Ejay. Over the bouncy piano bop, Tau makes amends with a former flame, despite his past transgressions aiding the relationship’s dissolution.

Tau has been dropping some admirably dope music in 2018 — which includes six singles and 2 EPs — that is more than worth a spin. With the kind of hit potential this kid has, it’s more a matter of when than if.

Check out Tau’s’s “Indecisive” below.

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Krewz Links With YBN’s Migo Domingo For Blazing New Single

Straight out of scenic Vancouver BC, self-produced/engineered artist Krewz is on the verge of taking his career to the new…

Straight out of scenic Vancouver BC, self-produced/engineered artist Krewz is on the verge of taking his career to the new plateau. With a new mixtape dropping the top of 2019, and a tour being planned as we speak, he’s taking the success he’s seen thus far and pumping up the notoriety. 

“I started by buying my own equipment, and learning most of my skills online,” he tells AAHH from his studio in BC. “I started rapping with friends … and [from there] just worked on developing my craft. Back when I first started, I had a set up in my basement, and I was locked in the studio 24/7.”

As he denotes, that experience helped him realize this was the path he was meant to take — and not just as a hobby, but a full-blown lifestyle.

“I want my mixtape to open up new avenues for potential features with other artists,” he says, switching gears and looking ahead to 2019. With his first single from the project, “Adapt,” an anthem for anyone on the heavy grind regardless of the circumstances, he’s setting the tone in a heavy way.

“I’m like an alien, yeah I adapt,” he says on the chorus, emphasizing the malleable nature of his money mission. The self-produced radio-ready banger features YBN’s own Migo Domingo, who is coming off of a huge summer mixtape release that featured his single “Dog Her” alongside his labelmate and childhood friend Offset.

It’s a lateral movement if you’ve been following his movements over the past year, as he’s been dropping a heap of bubbling singles via his SoundCloud account. Songs like “No Time,” which wound up on World Star, have been helping him click, setting the stage for this new project.

It’s a good look associating his brand with YBN — after a few spins, with it’s super catchy instrumental — we’re sure you’ll agree worth a spot on whatever playlist you have access to.

Check out Krewz’ “Adapt,” below.

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Pipe Prepares To Drop His Debut EP “This Is Me”

25-year-old military vet Pipe — representing Alexandria, Lousiana — is on a mission to be great. “I’m still currently in…

25-year-old military vet Pipe — representing Alexandria, Lousiana — is on a mission to be great. “I’m still currently in the learning process of becoming great but just wait I ain’t lying,” he tells AAHH. Though he’s on the verge of dropping his debut, don’t think that his music is in anyway beginner.

“This is me the EP is my very first project so I’m super excited for the world to hear it,” he says. “As the title says, it’s me.” Not unlike a title like Reasonable Doubt, which Hov famously denoted took his whole life up to that point to create, the seven-song project is set to fully introduce the world to his story.

As he explains to us, his biggest influence getting into the game was none other than Lil Wayne; “I’m from Louisiana so of course my biggest influence is lil Wayne and what Young Money was when the album dropped.

“I would love to work with Weezy, Dj Khaled, Drake, 88 Glam, Travis Scott, Chris Brown, Big Sean … the list goes on,” he reveals when discussing career aspirations with our staff.

For now, we’ll get our first taste of what his collective vision is on January 4 when the EP drops. In the meantime, he has some hearty appetizers in his Soundcloud that give you an idea of the potential he has. Check out one of our faves, “iRun,” below.

Tumblr: @official-pipe

Snapchat: @RNPB_PIPE—-

Instagram: @officialPIPE

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