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DJ Spotlight: Meet Dj Comma

Seattle’s own Dj Comma is aiming to build a legacy in the music industry. With four years of DJing under…

Seattle’s own Dj Comma is aiming to build a legacy in the music industry. With four years of DJing under the belt, and one solid year of producing, he’s committed himself to excellence. “[I] Always felt a deep attraction to music, even though I didn’t have any musicians in my family,” he tells AAHH, ” but I picked up a DJ console and started mixing in my room. I never looked back.”

He started spinning at house parties then got booked for weddings, proving to him how much potential this route had for him. “I wanted to be involved in the music industry more so I started to learn to produce,” he says.

Get to know Comma a little better; check out the full interview, below.


Can you describe your sound?

My sound is very widely themed, I’d say a combination of modern music with some early 2000 feel. I am definitely still keeping my music a bit experimental but my sounds influenced by early 2000’s hip-hop and Spanish music. My family is Mexican, and I remember listening to a lot of spanish music that my parents would play when I was younger. I make music that can make people move, not just mentally but physically. Some music just has one feel to it but at the end of the day my goal is to either get your mind thinking deeply or make you get in a trance, but I usually aim to do both that’s what pulls my music apart from other people.

How did you get involved in music?

I got involved playing my music at house parties when I was in High school. Everyone would ask me to play music all the time. Like an annoying amount of times. I remember not even showing people the music I liked to listen to then I realized I had a goldmine in my playlist of music nobody has heard before. Then people got to the point of asking me to get my music playlist ready for the football games and practices.

After I graduated, I didn’t even think about taking DJing to the next level. Instead, I went to school for graphic design in Seattle, where one of my roommates known as Sayu Beatz–a good and committed producer–told me that I should be a DJ after listening to a lot of music I would have playing that he had never heard before. Coming from him, that really made me think about my career path. He brought it to my attention, after all, I was still trying to stay involved in music. I remember going to SXSW to promote my graphic design to artists, but I felt like I had more potential than just that.

Who were some of your influences?

I was influenced growing up by artists like Kid Cudi, 50 Cent, and Enrique Iglesias. Kid Cudi influenced me to be creative every album sounded completely different and included a lot of emotion. 50 Cent music has hype, and he is always motivated and active outside of music, and his music also keeps your eyes open… like people out there struggling but still grinding. Enrique Iglesias was an international artist, sings in English and Spanish I remember my mom would always play his music when I was younger, and I started to listen to him as well as I got older.

Released: I have released one single called Make Em Mad featuring two artists it is on Spotify, SoundCloud, Itunes, and Tidal. It relates to peoples reaction to your success. I had met two artists that I knew had potential to make a good song off my beat. I sent it out they liked how it sounded, and we got to work.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on an album Expected to be released fall of 2018. Have been in touch with big-name artists for some features… More details will be released spring of 2018. I have been working on more content, I have been producing a lot and am send my beats out instead of keeping everything I make for my album.

Biggest achievements so far: I am 20-years-old and created a clothing brand on my own it is being invested at the first drop is expected spring 2018 with a website. I have played a variety of shows from houses to weddings to venues more than the average person of my age which has made me have great crowd control.

What are your goals in this industry?

My goals in the industry are to have the best live performances; I have been building a strong team to help me out with my performances. I also want to be in the music industry for many years creating the best content, and I start it all with my first album dropping fall of 2018. I also want to open people’s minds with deep meaning in my songs and maybe influence some people to do the same as well.

What’s next for you professionally?

I have been booked overseas for a Hip-Hop Festival the month of June in 2018. I am also working on getting on a tour with some big name artists to help me out, then go on tour after my album drops to promote it more. A lot more is coming my way, and you can check out my single in the meantime!

Check him out on Spotify!


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Instrumental Connect—the brainchild of Mario Paez, better known as MAPS—is a new brand providing top-quality beats to rappers at all levels. MAPS got his start playing in punk and indie bands before shifting his focus to specialize in hip-hop; that was eight years. Today, he confidently tells AAHH that many SoundCloud rappers have already used his services, most notably Young Sev Da Truth and also FLA Amazin.

Mario states that Instrumental Connect provides “creatives their ultimate need; endless choices of ‘blank’ musical canvases (instrumentals) for them to write to.”

One thing that sets his brand apart is the commercial use of the beats. “Upon download of any beat, the downloader has full, unlimited commercial rights to that beat. No fancy licensing contracts, no limit on where the downloader can use it,” he says. “The beat is completely theirs to do what they want with it.”

With that in mind, there are exclusive options available—dependant on artist budget.

To take listen to his professionally mixed, mastered, and ready for commercial distribution beats, check out the Spotify stream below. The website is currently in development.

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Finessen’s New Single Belongs On Your Playlist

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Atlanta, Georgia, continues to be a hotbed of emerging talent poised to make waves in the industry; Finessen, who grew up listening to the likes of Tupac, Bob Marley, Drake, Aaliyah, and Lil Wayne is a 22-year-old with a unique sound, especially coming from his region. He’s been making music (professionally) for a year now and is beginning to pick up steam.

His newest single, “Sidney Poitier,” is a piano-driven banger produced by Jenius. A reference to the iconic actor, the song straddles a trap-hop and R&B vibe, with pretty dope results. Check out the track, below.

If you’re feeling Finessen, you can also check out his single “1 Time,” which we recently added to our on-going Tidal playlist.

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Rapper Pop Malcolm Shows “The Real Superpower” On New LP

Rapper Pop Malcolm straight out of Houston, Texas — the chopped-and-screwed capital of the world — is going full steam…

Rapper Pop Malcolm straight out of Houston, Texas — the chopped-and-screwed capital of the world — is going full steam ahead with his latest release, the 15 song The Real Superpower. With a unique cadence that stands out from other artists reppin his section, he has a smooth, soulful style that compliments an excellent beat selection.

“My music is at another level,” he tells AAHH. “I just need it [to get] out into the world. I’ve been rapping and recording my music since I was 15.” Pop makes all his music in his one bedroom apartment. “I saved up money and made myself an easy to pick up and move little studio with an audio booth around the mic, gaming PC and interface for the mic and headphones.”

One notable “power” on the project is its production, which was restricted to just two emcees, resulting in a remarkably cohesive top to bottom experience.

“For the production on my project I only used two producers,” he continues. “My main — and my favorite — producer Rob Kelly beats, and the very talented Donato beats.” As he explains, he discovered both on YouTube. “I stay in close contact with Rob, he makes the beats, and I do everything else, I keep it as in-house as possible.”

The LP has a few standouts; the most notable being “Heat Heat,” with its R&B tinged best with its hard-hitting kick drums intertwined with Pop’s barrage of bars. As well, the opener “Ric Flair” has already done some numbers — for a good reason.

“Made For TV” is also a gem tucked in the track listing with Pop’s sing-song flow and super hype instrumental.

All in all, Pop Malcolm’s latest effort brings the goods and is well worth a run through.


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infectiously Optimistic: Meet Rapper Noah Wright

“I can fit into any role I can see myself in,” he says adamantly. “It’s just a matter of preparation and timing.“

Phoenix, Arizona, rapper Noah Wright—aka Daddy Fat Staxxx aka Phoenix The Misfit—was initially born in Iowa. “I’m cooling in the devil’s backyard,” he tells AAHH with a laugh. “I write music, balance my chakras, enjoy long walks to the bank, and occasionally getting caught up in some ratchet shit.”

“My music is life man.” he says when asked about his influences. “I’m inspired by my experiences, my family, friends, even my enemies … I feel have a message to give.” That message he’s describing finds its way into his music. “I just find the beat that I feel fits that conversation vibe the best,” he continues. “Almost like watching a movie on mute then choosing what you feel fits that scene best, but you are the creator and director of the whole operation.”

He fondly recalls how it al started when his family moved to Las Vegas. “I moved to [Vegas], and I met my friend Chris. He told me he was rapping and had a studio in his garage. One day I decided to check it out … it’s been on and popping ever since.”

When asked what he’s dropped so far, he laughs and states “Not enough,” before explaining, “I have too many songs that I create, maybe get halfway through and stash to revisit later but later rarely comes. As far as this year, I’ve dropped two singles and my tape Love, Noah.”

“I still got a long ways to go,” he says laying out his two-year plan to us. “I’ll tell my people about more as I wrap things up. Currently, I’m working on my next tape, two music videos, and upcoming performances.”

Among his most significant career achievements to date, he fondly cites meeting the legendary Rakim and opening up for him, and premiering—and selling out—a short film with his director Tony Kure. “We premiered it at Arizona Mills Mall and sold out,” he says. “It was wild yo.”

“My goal used to be to find a label, but at this point, I’ve given up on that desire,” he explains, noting that he wants to achieve financial stability independently. “[I want] my music to help me sustain the life I’m living now.”

Noah is on an ascent, and his confidence is infectious. “I can fit into any role I can see myself in,” he says adamantly. “It’s just a matter of preparation and timing.”

Check his latest project, below.

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