Before I get into this, I have two initial confessions. One, is that I know DJ Priority, so for the sake of “journalistic integrity”, this is more of a suggestive piece than a biased review. Secondly, I’m a sucker for remix projects – so now you know, and knowing is half the battle [*cue the GI Joe theme song].

Now, DJ Priority – if you’re unfamiliar – is an accomplished producer/DJ you should be up on. He’s a beast on the MPC, and this week, well-timed on #WuWednesday, he dropped his latest project: Iron Cinema. The project is two things at once; it’s an elaborate Ghostface Killah remix project, and a super dope beat-tape.

At 10 joints long, Priority delivers a sonic bed that compliments the songs so well that they literally sound like actual studio versions. Furthermore, even though scattered in selection, the project sounds extremely cohesive. If not told otherwise upfront, you’d swear Ghost himself dropped this project. Standouts are the super gully remixes of Apollo Kids and Daytona 500. As a bonus, the artwork is insane! If you’re an up and coming artist, or even one of our more established readers, you should definitely hit-up Priority for your next project. You can sound this nice.

The album can be streamed below. If you want to download it, it’s a pay what you want situation – so if you enjoyed it, be sure to support it accordingly.