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DC Battle Rapper Luminous Drops A New Track

Making that jump from battle rapper to legit ‘on the beat’ Emcee isn’t always black and white; the timeline has shown that it can be harder than meets the eye. DC spit-kicker Luminous is trying to do just that. With eight major battles under his belt. The most recent against UK-based Pedro (Don’t Flop Battle League), which arguably bodied, has already racked up over 20k plays, with many commenting on his raw delivery. There’s no denying his bars are up. But, does it translate to record?

Well, the answer is yes, from what we can tell. His Soundcloud is mostly barren, with last years “Eulogy” and his new record, “Finding Lost,” being the sole off–for now. The latter, an introspective song, is filled with gems: “I wanna touch hearts, and then change them like Agent Smith.” Over a buttery backpacker beat, he holds his own.

Time will tell if he can make a major crossover, or use either this or battling to push the other ver the top. But, it’s a great start. Check out the record for yourself and Tweet us if you’re feeling it!

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