Dap The Contract Tears Down Brooklyn Stage!

JUNE 9, 2017 at approximately 9pm, is the time that venue Friends and Lovers, vibrated the streets of Brooklyn–thanks to ‘Too Young’ rapper Dap The Contract. Dap The Contract has been featured on AAHipHop numerous times for his ability to create masterpieces that are delivered so effortlessly. Following the success of first project ‘Goodbye for Never’ Dap released recent project ‘Two Roads,’ which is an even more polished collective of up-tempo and vibey tracks. With singles like ‘Right Now’ and ‘Another Day, Another Night,’ that have broken airwaves, Dap has also started his newly coined series of new music  “Contract Thursdays” (which features a new song EVERY Thursday) on Soundcloud.

It is one thing to write about a decorated artist that you truly support and like, but to see them in their element performing, is next level! Here’s a few clips from Dap The Contract’s series of performances, this one at Friends and Lovers in Brooklyn, NYC. Enjoy!

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Take a listen to Dap’s latest project ‘Two Roads’

Watch Latest visuals from EP ‘Two Roads’

Two Roads

Forever Yours

Here’s the latest “Contract Thursdays” songs #1 Ven Y Bailar, Mamacita Featuring Sebastian Otero & #2 Some Things Never Change Featuring (SHE)


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