Growing up in Gary, Indiana — infamous as the birthplace of the legendary singer Michael Jackson — rapper D-Brown found the largest influence in something that was all around him, struggle. “Growing up with less than everyone else always fueled me to go harder in everything I do,” he says. Creating what he calls inspirational street music centered around themes of self-elevation, he’s crafting rag-to-riches for the everyman over a trap and soulful beats.

“Since a kid I’ve used writing music as an outlet for me emotionally,” he says of his introduction into music. “Music was an outlet for me; after I recorded my first song [during] my senior year I never looked back.” Since then, he’s released four mixtapes: Same Hustle New Money, My Struggle Made My Hustle, Memoirs Of A Hustla, and New Year Same Hustle New Money”.

He’s currently preparing his debut full-length LP Eli Made Me Do It, slated for a first-quarter release [2019]. His buzz has been electric, having been touring for the past few years to an ever-growing fanbase. Most endearing to fans is his undeniable sense of authenticity that he’s bringing to his trap sounds.

“I’m making trap music with a message and not just mumbling anything behind a trap beat,” he notes. 

Though he’s still early in his career, the Gary-native is looking towards the future; “after making headway in the industry I plan on making the right investments so I can live comfortably even after music runs its course,”

he states confidently. With no plans on going major — but, rather, remaining indie — he’s working towards developing a team to help take his vision (and brand) to the next level.

“I’m building a team of professionals around me to a work as a small machine until we are in the position to negotiate with the big heads for larger partnerships,” he explains.

On top of the highly-anticipated new release, he’s developing his merch line, which he admits has been a profitable revenue stream for him, as well as continuing to build out his one-stop-shop website, which he calls his online trap house.

D-Brown is on the rise, and he’s doing it his way! In the meantime, check out his latest single, “Put A Ring On It.”