The UK trio of We’ll See, Treece and producer Hyro–collectively known as SWMS–started 2017 off with an exciting new project, Constructions Tape. The 11 track project is packed with lo-fi hip-hop goodness, grimy underground production (with a few exceptions like “La tristesse durera toujours” and “SNES CD”), and a whole lot of bars. They also take it a step further, with a visual version of the album; reminiscent of infamous visual albums like Streets Is Watching–albeit with less of a linear story line.

A year’s worth of blood sweat and tears, the project is a fantastic dig among the sea of stuff floating the net. Records like the eerie sounding “D13 KRU” have an aesthetic that could have dropped from a dubbed Stretch & Bob tape from ’95, while the trappish vibe of “SNES-CD” and the “Interlude” provide a contemporary feel.

While there is an obvious 90s East Coast hip-hop influence here, Constructions Tape remains fresh–and incredibly polished. It isn’t rushed and doesn’t conform to what’s “popping” which gives it more of a timeless appeal. A bit of poking around, and you’ll find these guys have a ton of material out there. This is a dope project, though. Give it a spin and tell a friend–you’re welcome!