Lafayette, Alabama, rapper Cab recently dropped his latest project, Creation—his debut album. He delivered several mixtapes and built a buzz, but this is his first cohesive cover-to-cover project; his baby, if you will. Backed by distribution, it’s an impressive listen. “I take lyrics and substance very seriously,” he tells AAHH. “This project has more of an aggressive, prideful tone to it which doesn’t require witty technique, but gritty expression.”

That description is interesting and insanely accurate. Ain’t a damn thing funny; Creation is a street album, that puts me in mind of some of the early work by UGK, with even less ballerific boasting. The production is bassy, and at times dark, yet distinctively South. His flow is consistent, and his wordplay is crazy. The production does ride a few current waves, but his vocals are clear and easy to follow and rock with.

One thing that stood out was a sense of entitlement that—as a first-time listener—made me wonder made me wonder if he was way bigger than I realized. Chants like “there’s a whole lot of niggaz want my spot without applying pressure,” on “Cold Pipes” make me ponder whether I’ve been missing out. That’s the magic of this project. It’s all quality, and his assertion of “better than thou” is as tasteful as it is palatable.

Production with, his beat selection—assuming there wasn’t an A&R at work—is on point with his flow/cadence. Few loosies stand out as out of place. The fresh foreign sample on the buttery “The Black Hole,” the spacey sound of “Ahead Of Time,” and the incredible bump of “Too Much” are definite stand outs to us.

Overall, it’s a solid debut effort worth a listen—AAHH approved. Cab is definitely an artist to keep an eye on.

You can grab the project on Spotify, iTunes, or Google Play.