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Buttabeats Inc Stays True To His Grind With Powerful New Music

For real artists, the path to success is rarely ever straight and narrow, but rather a series of trials and tribulations that at times tests one’s dedication and genuine love of what they’re doing. Look no further than ButtaBeats Inc, hailing from Greenburgh, New York. He honed his skills as both a mc and producer in the early 2000s as part of the regional collective U.D.R. (Up Da River).

U.D.R. wasn’t able to make the commercial impact they had hoped; a few years later he broke up with fellow collective member Taj Mill to release the collaborative effort Shine From Within. Again, with critical acclaim and a handful of supporting live performances, it failed to gain any traction.

Real artists don’t quit, though.

Now, nine years later ButtaBeats Inc is a solo artist/producer who is still doing what he loves. “An avid reader and connoisseur of African American culture and history my music speaks to a time when a Rappers had to have something to say —almost as much they as they needed the swag and style which is in abundance today,” he tells AAHH.

His upcoming album The Revenge of Charles Martin — tentatively scheduled to drop mid-Feb — is a testament to what it took to get from an aspiring rapper/producer to being one. “While most may not have heard of me before, I will be heard from here on out.” The love of this never dies for real artists that have something to say.

Check out his latest, below.

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