Blaq Kush — Souls of Blaq Folk EP (Interview)

“My music’s more about the listener and how they perceive it.”
–Blaq Kush

22 year old Long Island rapper, Blaq Kush – – or simply Black — recently released two new songs in response to the shootings always popping up on both his Facebook feed and Social media channels. “America has a disturbing fascination with guns and these two songs show the love –and hate that we have for guns and violence,” says Black about the release.

As he describes, he began rapping after heard [Nas] in 7th grade; that was a defining moment in his life. He began releasing music in 2012 and doesn’t plan on slowing down. He recently took our world famous AAHIPHOP Q&A — so check out his new joints, and get to know him below.

Tell us about your music — describe your sound.

I make laid-back jazzy hip-hop. I envision my music as being the soundtrack to smoking a spliff while the world slowly crumbles around you. On the surface, My music is very relaxed but underneath that there is a darker and more paranoid aspect to it. It’s like apocalyptic jazz rap.

How did you get involved in music?

I got involved with music after I had a severe depression episode at the age of 16. My family moved from Long Island to Albany, and I lost contact with a lot of my friends. The time I had to myself helped me discover my love for music and art. I would spend hours on the computer, listening to everything from Cannibal Ox to Company Flow — and even Fleetwood Mac. From 16 to 18, I tried to learn as much as I could about hip-hop and music in general. I decided to start making my stuff after hearing Main Attrakionz in 2012 and seeing people still have an interest in Lo-Fi raw hip-hop.

Who/what were some of your influences?

I’m inspired by my mom. She’s the first black social security judge of Albany. Besides that, I’m inspired by Andy Warhol. I feel like my music is my weird interpretation of pop art. America is a place run by consumerism, so a lot of my inspiration comes from billboards and television commercials. My top five favorite lyricists are Kool Keith, Iggy Pop, Scarface, Darby Crash and Max B. Also Mc Ride from Death Grips doesn’t get enough props as a lyricist. I think he’s the most innovative rapper out right now.

What have you released?

I only have two other mixtapes. They can be found on my Bandcamp. My most recent project is a two song EP entitled, Souls of Blaq Folk. I took the title from a book by W.E.B. Du Bois. The EP is a little snapshot of the ridiculousness in America right now

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on my debut album, which might be called Why Can’t I Be Nas?” I’m going to record 250 songs for it [that’s no typo]. I might release all of them, or I might just take the best ones. I already got 115 songs. Also, most of my songs aren’t that long. Most barely pass the two-minute mark. My friend, Kid Rah, and I are coming out with an EP, too. We don’t have a name for it yet. My other friend, Josh Alias, and I are also working on some projects.

What’s been your biggest achievement thus far?

My biggest achievement [thus far] would have to be performing for 200 people at SUNY Buffalo. It was my first and only show.

What do you want people to take away from you as an artist? What are your goals?

I want my music to make people think. My ultimate goal is to further advance black culture and to teach children that they don’t have to follow anybody. I just want to make people realize the truth within themselves. I could care less how they view me. My music’s more about the listener and how they perceive it.

What is coming up for you professionally?

I’m currently working on making t-shirts, organizing protests, and finding productive ways to educate and better my community. Also, I may be releasing a book of poetry in the future.

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