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Blake Banks (@blakexbanks) – “Dance On My Grave”

Recently rapper and musician Blake Banks released the dirty version of his infectious Top 40 friendly track, “Dance On My…

Recently rapper and musician Blake Banks released the dirty version of his infectious Top 40 friendly track, “Dance On My Grave.” The track follows up Blake Banks lead single “Blue” taken from his upcoming project Risky Business, which is backed by his live band of the same title. Bending the rules with his lyrical content, and melodic punchlines, this Los Angeles based artist has been carving out his own lane for several years on the L.A. scene having collaborated and toured with a host of artists including Post Malone and G-Eazy.

“I went all out on this track, this song will have you dance, shout, and damn near shake your body down to the ground. I have the video to follow it up, but its a little dirtier than my lead single Blue – this is more of a sarcastic love song. I cleaned up the lyrics and made it radio friendly and just wanted to target top 40 music,” Blake Banks explained. “My producer the Ambulance Factory found these 4 bar guitar loops and he hooked it up as I pieced together the lyrics for the song.”

To date Blake Banks is generating millions of streams with an eclectic sound that ranges from Hip-Hop to Pop, giving listeners a new sound with every release. This time, Blake Banks put together a band to accompany his new project Risky Business to give the fans more great content. While he hasn’t released the full details about the members of his Risky Business band, more information is unfolding as Blake Banks hand feeds us each track off the album.

“I grew up in Illinois and I started making music around 12 years old, I was posting my music on forums and playing shows opening up for Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Wu-Tang solo artists and bunch of underground acts. By the time I was 18 years old I had linked up with G-Eazy and I started opening up for him. It was a great marketing tool to run our little circuit in the Midwest, but I eventually wanted to expand I moved out to LA,” Blake Banks explained.

Preparing for what will be his sixth official album release, Blake Banks has found that not listening to anyone else might be the key to his success instead following his own idea of what his music should sound like.

“I pumped out a whole project under my name Blake Banks and that was Shameless while I was collaborating with Post Malone – I’ve been fortunate to work with some really talented acts. Then I released the Bachelor Vol 1, The Bachelor Vol 2 and now I have Risky Business with a live band. A lot of this game is consistency, so I learned just keep putting out the music, really taking time on my visuals. I’m kind of not listening to anyone else about my music and just doing me. I figured it out and I’ve been getting the best results this way,” Blake Banks explained.

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Zayside ft. J-Stone – “Neighborhood Hero”

Nipsey Hussle-protege J-Stone and Cash Money West Executive, Wack 100 have been enthralled in a highly-publicized beef for months now…

Nipsey Hussle-protege J-Stone and Cash Money West Executive, Wack 100 have been enthralled in a highly-publicized beef for months now which stems from Wack’s TMZ comment, claiming the late-Nipsey Hussle was not a Hip-Hop legend. The comment spawned into a press run and responds by close associates of Nipsey Hussle like Meek Mill, T.I. and of course J-Stone. Today, their beef spews out into the music as J-Stone takes shots at the high-profile manager on his guest verse on the new Zayside single, titled, “Neighborhood Hero.”

On the track, J-Stone defines Wack 100 as a “pretender,” referencing past street situations. He raps, “You still hanging at the park and you be with marks/You be speaking on Ni**as but you the one runnin’/Ni**a that shit Wack, that ain’t 100.”

The diss comes on the heels of J-Stone’s latest album, The Definition of Loyalty and ahead of him and fellow All Money In rapper Pac Man Da Gunman’s upcoming collaboration EP, Ground Zero. Before the diss verse, J-Stone and Wack 100 have been slinging disrespectful remarks to one another for months now over social media. Last month, in the Instagram post shown below, J-Stone made a post to Wack 100, explicitly saying, “Wack 100 You A Real Life Bitch.”

Produced by Faiz, “Neighborhood Hero” is the second release from Washington recording artist Zayside. With the track’s progressive message and title, the new star believed it was perfect for someone of J-Stone’s pedigree to co-star due to his affiliations in the streets and deemed to “shake up the world” by Nipsey Hussle-himself.

“I’m glad that I could connect with an artist like J-Stone – that was big for me,” Zayside praised about working with J-Stone. “He and the All Money In camp are big inspirations to many, and the fact that I got the chance to lock in and work with them was an honor, especially as my first big feature. it’ll mean something to me forever.”

The new J-Stone and Zayside, who goes by Zaysidee on Instagram, collaboration endorsed the release of a short documentary on the up-and-coming Seattle recording artist as he transitions from Basketball star to on the verge of Hip-Hop superstardom. Watch it above. “Neighborhood Hero” follows Zayside’s debut, “Caught Up” and prepares the anticipated release of debut project coming late-2020.

Stream the new single below and stream J-Stone’s new album, The Definition of Loyalty, available on all DSPs via All Money In.

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