Straight out of the Flatbush Brooklyn — 93rd and Clarkson Ave. — comes rapper Didhe Bop, a young hustler ready to be heard. Growing up in some of the toughest areas wasn’t easy, and he had to learn to survive and evolve in any situation; he brings that same drive and determination to his music.

Didhe Bop helped his younger brother, Gizmo, land a deal with NBO Records before moving back to Brooklyn to help form HARDHEADED music group. Get to know the Brooklynite better, as he takes our world-famous AAHIPHOP Q&A, below.

How did you get involved with music?

I use to watch my uncle rap growing up. As a kid, I was always close to artists. Moving down south, and going to Cedar Grove High School with artists Crime Mob and rapper Bankroll Fresh, I knew it was only a matter of time. My lil brother Gizmo, an artist at NBO Records, allowed me to play a part on his debut mixtape in 2011, where I got my foot in the door.

Who were some of your influences?

Jay influenced my hustle, Puff influenced my swag, T.I and Jeezy motivated me to tell my story; but I would say I relate to Rocko and Joe buddens the most. I salute the guys who are winning — and who have longevity and solid foundations.

Tell me about your music – what are you currently working on?

My music is consistently growing as I perfect my engineering; I always create and try new sounds. My label has produced two mixtapes “Road To $ucce$$” and “Lo-Key Chinkz More Than A Mixtape.” I am very proud of and the role I played in creating the products. I’m also currently preparing for the “Hell Of A Weekend” tour in Atlanta, as I debut myself as a solo act to the world.

How would you describe your sound?

I don’t think anyone sounds like me, which is one of my real gifts. My voice is what grabs the listener’s attention; I use music as therapy, so in the beginning I use to get real personal, but I realized I had to use the platform for much more than myself. From that point, I started rapping to — and for — the people. I try to create raps with a story behind them while enlightening the lil homies that wanna be like me.

What are your goals in this industry?

I want to be apart of music that’s going to last forever. I want to be a legendary musician. I want to make a stamp on the culture as a motivatior and representer of the underdogs and outcasts. I want a Grammy since they’re fronting on niggas — excuse my French.

What do u want people to take from you as an artist?

Honestly, I just want people to know that I’m genuine. Going to prison at 18 changed my life for the better. I love to perform for my fans and I’m greatful for the love I receive at my shows. I won’t give anything but my best. I wouldn’t be rapping if I felt I didn’t bring something different to the game.

Do you want to remain independent or do u want to sign to a major?

I’m Hard-headed For life. You can’t go far without a real family — that’s all imma say. Men lie women lie numbers don’t. #hardheaded #HHMG