“I got that chalaka-boo wit’ me.’ After he said that, I’ve been a fan of him.”

— 50 Cent talking about Big T

Quiet Money member, Big T, is no stranger to rhyming like your career depends on it. In his line of work, it usually has. He’s a seasoned battle rapper with over 26 battles cataloged, totaling over 11 million views. Battling in leagues like SMACK, URL, and KOTD, he’s faced royalty, like Hollow Da Don, Tsu Surf and K-Shine, and much more!

Let’s not forget, though, Big T is nice on records, too. In conjunction with James Cagne of the WatchM.E.N, he’s dropped a hot new track, “Stewie Griffen.” Both of these power hitters (from the Southside of Chicago) are at the top of their games. Add this track to you long weekend playlist!