London, UK, instrumental Hip Hop tapes are the wave right now — on our iPhones, anyway. Today’s piff comes courtesy of Orlando Turner, also known as Big “O,” a producer and mixing engineer currently living in London, UK. He’s been producing beats since he was 13-years-old, and hasn’t let up since.

At 20, he moved from Birmingham, Alabama back to Atlanta, and at 21, moved to Orlando, Florida to attend college. A couple of years later, he moved to Miami to work in live audio. He then moved to the Bay Area, continuing to work in live sound until he moved to Los Angeles to work on his very first independent film titled “Love, Art & Celibacy.”

His production has taken the best of all these influential environments and is now a unique blend of vibes that speak for themselves. Equal parts experimental and soulful, he puts in work on a Drum Machine, Turntable, Keyboard and Sampler.

His latest, “Good Ol’ Dayz,” is head nodding slice of 90s-infused Hip Hop heaven. It’s the first single off of his new album, Between Memories & Choices.” Give it a spin, below.