Rapper J.R James is out for his — regardless of what you think. “Been grinding my whole life,” he tells AAHH, “[I’m]focused on a bright future so my kids can be comfortable.” The 29-year-old Westside Chicago born rapper travels ten times a year between the windy city and New York, networking and expanding his brand; his hustle is paying off. His song “Married To The Money” featuring G-Unit rapper Young Buck pushed over 100k units, all independent.

He’s shared the stage with big names like Trina, Remy Ma & Papoose, Crooked I, Stalley, Mario, Freeway, and has built a sizable buzz along the way.

He’s currently working in the studio finishing up his next EP, but he took some time out to answer a few questions for AAHH.

Describe Your Sound.

My music is not easy; i have a wordplay where I can fit six rhyming words in a line, and it makes sense.
I mostly tell stories based on real-life events. Music is my passion, and I try to b different.

How did you get into music?

I’ve always heard a different sound [in my head]; like, I would listen to a record but feel like it should have been this way, you know? I make music to express myself. I use it for an escape; it’s the only thing that can make certain pain subside.

What do you currently have out?

I’ve just released two singles with two major artists. One with Young Buck, “Married To The Money” and one with Shawnna “1st class Chick.” I’ve also released numerous records for free on Soundcloud.com/iamjrjames. I’m working on an EP called For The Record.

What are your goals in this game? What’s next?

My goal is to make the billboard and establish a big enough brand to where people recognize me and to make a living out of this for my family. My next thing is to [finish] working on my next EP, then continue networking and growing as an artist. Maybe more major features.