Beddo: Hip-Hop and Comics

Hip-hop and comics are no strangers. From enlisting artists to create album covers, to just being book junkies, there has always been a strong relationship – and why not? They are two mediums built on the concept of storytelling. Their relationship took the front street and set the internet ablaze with the recent release of Marvel’s variant covers series. Accompanying all-new #1’s from Marvel Comics coming this season was a variant cover paying homage to some of the most iconic covers in hip-hop’s timeline.

Along that same vein, I came across another a dope artist I thought I’d share with everyone. His name is Beddo, and he’s a visual artist from Toronto, who uses a unique combination of graffiti, comic book art, and traditional fine arts. He launched his latest for at FanExpo in Sept 2015 in the 6, and after being put on to him, I’ve been following his work on Instagram.

He’s been focusing recently on ‘reverse-variant’ covers, which flip Marvel’s concept. He uses his hip-hop to tribute iconic comic book covers, like Amazing Spider-Man #50 by John Romita, Iron Man #128 by Bob Layton and – current work in progress – Secret Wars #1 by Mike Zeck.

Beddo: Hip-Hop and Comics
Beddo: Hip-Hop and Comics  Beddo: Hip-Hop and Comics
Beddo: Hip-Hop and Comics   Beddo: Hip-Hop and Comics
Beddo is currently working on his anticipated graphic novel Udeja, scheduled for release in 2016. Follow his Instagram here.

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