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Australian Artist LSD Drops A Soulful New Track

It’s been a few years since I heard from Australian Hip Hop artist LSD. I reviewed his album Off The Grid, which was — in hindsight — an extremely well-crafted body of work. What I like about this kid is his genuine spirit. “I’m not in it for fame or making money,” he tells AAHH. “I do it for the creative process itself these days.”

While he’s stayed true to his “off the grid” persona, he’s recently poked his head out to drop some new music. His latest single, “That’s Life” embodies the concept of living your best life and refusing to get hung up on the shit that doesn’t matter.


I’m blessed with the foresight as I live more life/Like: no more going out and an getting paralytic/And finding my Friday night ending with the paramedics/Instead, it’s getting fresh with friends in a backyard session /Laughing at the silly sh** we did as adolescents

With a soulful sample and some cuts to round out the tight production, it encapsulates everything I love about carefree Hip Hop with no fluffy, over-commercialized bullshit.



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