ATL — the cultural hub that it is — is home base for rapper Strats, who has appeared here on AAHH in the past with his single “No Options.” The young MC, who was born in North Carolina, began making music at the age of 10 watching his older brother. “I almost gave up on my dream, but my Late father pastor David Harris convinced me otherwise,” he tells AAHH. “I grew up on the streets of Atlanta (Bolton Rd) and got into a lot of shit, robbing, selling drugs, [and shit like that].”

It took for the young rapper to get locked up at infamous Rice Street — better known as the Fulton County Jail — before he decided to try and change my life, pursuing music full time. Now four projects deep — including his most recent double-installment EP, “Until I Die” and “Full of Life.” He’s currently working on the sequel to his super November project, which was made in honor of my late father who died in November 2012. “My biggest achievement? I don’t have any,” he says humbly. “I made it past 21. I guess.”

“I intend to speak my mind and talk to streets,” he says, “with no fear of how I feel.”