Action Bronson’s rise to the top has been seven charismatic years in the making. Between his borderline-classic mixtape and album releases, he’s managed to perch himself on the throne as Vice TV’s leading man while simultaneously commanding respect as an artist. He’s the loveable, perpetually stoned, most interesting man on earth; and Blue Chips 7000, his second full-length and third installment of the Blue Chips mixtape series is arguably the best rap record of 2017.

Blue Chips 7000 reminds us why we fell in love with AB in the first place. “Wolfpack” kicks off with a live smoke session between the MC and his mother, who clearly hasn’t adjusted to the sky high assault of the dab life. From there we’re blessed with “La Luna”, showcasing a rejuvenated Bronson rapping over the luxury car services hold music. These euphoric moments are what set him apart from his contemporaries.

There was a time when Action’s weed and food antics flirted with becoming stale. There’s only so many times you can be reminded which wine pairs best with the lamb. Yet, on tracks like “Hot Pepper” (recorded during an episode of Fuck, That’s Delicious), his effortless back and forth with Meyhem Lauren blends beautifully with Jah Tiger’s blissful chorus and sounds fresher than ever.
Light-hearted brags like, “I’m qualified to speak for my attorneys, address the jury in a Shaq jersey…the black one”, perpetuates the project’s light vibe. Surprisingly, Rick Ross is the only high profile guest on the album, trading verses on “9-24-7000” with Bronson over a weeded out Harry Fraud banger. The lack of guest star power drops Bronson at center-stage to showcase his goofy, eccentric leading man qualities without interruption.

While the album is billed as Action’s official second release, it’s hard to ignore the mixtape feel. Strong cuts like “Bonzai” and “My Right Lung” are some of the funkiest, yet most underdeveloped moments on the album. “Tank” is a sure fire highlight punctuated by everyone’s favorite lunatic, Big Body Bes who surprisingly only shows up again on the closer, “Durag vs. Headband”.

At 13 tracks, Blue Chips 7000 is a welcomed return to form for the big fella. It’s a witty, cleverly sequenced album with no bullshit filler. He’s comfortable with the meme he’s become. Equal parts famous foodie and MC, Action packed this record with some of his most deliciously memorable moments to date. With few guests and a deeply sampled palate of funky ingredients there’s nothing but room for Bronson to cook. Bon appetite, bitch.