AAHIPHOP Premiere: Iris Creamer Drops Debut ‘Denim’ Project

Rhode Island Alternative Hip Hop artist, Iris Creamer, delivers her debut album Denim with tracks produced by herself — with the exception of Feral G. Bass on the track “Villains,” and June Brone who produced “Pink Pistol II.”‘ Denim is a collective of nine tracks that consists of singles like, ‘Saucy’ ‘Pink Pistols II’ and ‘Electricity’ to say the least. Denim is a vibey album with tracks that are catered to women empowerment, ownership, being in tuned with your sexuality, and demanding respect in your own right.

Creamer makes it loud and clear that she is a brown producer who is resonating her presence within the alternative Hip Hop genre. She has a different sound that has not been represented much lately. “Denim changes everything.” AAHIPHOP looks forward to seeing what Creamer brings to the game!

AAHIPHOP Premiere: Iris Creamer Drops Debut 'Denim' Project

Denim can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud right now.

Take a listen to the premiere of ‘Denim’ right here on AAHipHop.


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