By now I hope that my readers have become more familiar with my style of writing, as well as my personality a bit.  However, if not, know that I pride myself on being an active writer and supporter of promising artists that I shed light on. There is absolutely nothing more compelling than witnessing the talent that you’ve established consistent pen work for.

Vars City, who is no stranger to the AAHH family, came through to Montclair, NJ performing as special guests for Grindfest. Now, Grindfest has become an annual event given by ArtistVibes, to showcase promising talents throughout New Jersey. Grindfest features various creatives such as artists, entrepreneurs, culinarians, and more–collectively grinding towards their goals. With Vars City on the bill this year, I made it my duty to come out and see the group, plus get some press work done. While watching Donni Fresco, Von Bruce, and Don Wonder perform their set, I could see the room getting active, moving to their music. Girls were dancing and infatuated with the trio, as others turned up. Now although the guys were too sweaty to hug me after their performance (lol), I am still a firm believer that any artist who isn’t sweating after a set, didn’t give a show.

I appreciate the guys for inviting me and giving me an opportunity to see in person, what I have been writing about all along. Here’s a clip from Vars City’s ‘All Mine’ performance at #Grindfest

By the way, No Love in The City is still available for download on Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCLoud, and Amazon.