Far Rockaway, New York, native, Ray Soulchild is making a buzz with his latest international record, “Kid Life,” alongside Guyanese rapper 3D. The visuals—which is Ray’s first—was shot in Guyana, and is picking up steam by the day.

Growing up, Ray was inspired by acts like Wu-Tang, Nas, Pac, and—especially— A Tribe Called Quest. He admits that he started rapping after hearing the Low End Theory; “I started rapping like Q-Tip,” he says. He used to imitate his flow until he developed his own.

This song easily glides the current wave running the airwaves and has a ton of potential. It’s also a good flex to get you ready for Ray’s album, Vibe, which is dropping next month. Be on the lookout for that! Be sure to check out his SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/soulchilla.