“100,” the New Netflix & Chill Anthem

Critics have already proclaimed that Florida rapper JS is about to have his best year yet. His new single “100,” featuring Toronto hit-maker Tory Lanez is making serious waves in industry circles. The song is an old school duet song that’s reminiscent of the days of Mary J. and Method Man. If the old saying “everyone loves a love song” reigns true, then this record is sure to hit big.

JS, aka “JS THE BEST” is the son of 80’s R&B/Pop Star Mini Curry – whose single “I Think I’m Over You” peaked at #34 on Billboard’s Hot Black Singles chart back in the day. She also ironically had a song called “100%” – different song, but still an  interesting piece of trivia. As well, his father is legendary Saxophonist Al Chisolm III. With family credentials like that, it isn’t any wonder why the people around him claim he was born for the music business. His roots can be traced from the Midwest to the Dirty South—all of which have created a profoundly eclectic style and outlook in music. He credits his influences in Motown, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Hip-Hop and Theater. When asked how he would describe his music, JS replied with, “…hardcore, conscious, and modern.

100 is the first release since his WEUP Nation Reloaded Mixtape – and is a great to start to the year. Check out the new track below, and be sure to follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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