Yalo: Holding Down Brooklyn

At the young age of just 20-years-old, East New York rapper Yalo is inspired by the rugged and raw sounds of the 90s, which explains his latest freestyle video. His upcoming debut mixtape I Love Brooklyn is on the horizon, and this first drop has us intrigued!

Yalo states:

“I’m an inspiring on the rising artist from East New York, with dreams of making it out of the rough streets of Brooklyn and one day making a large impact on the Hip Hop culture. I started rapping back in high school at lunch tables, doing talent shows until my brother Marc, heard me rap a 16 to him & he was impressed by the creative wordplay. He then soon began to push me into working on a small project just rapping over old school Brooklyn beats & we decided to call it “I Love Brooklyn” At the time I still was in high school, and there was a lot of procrastination occurring, and I wasn’t as focused. Four years later I got back into being serious and finished up the project and now will be releasing it in February 2017.”

Check out visual below

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