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Yaboychronic’s “But Then It Got Dope” Marks His Major Streaming Debut

Rapper Carhon Delaquan–better known as Yaboychronic– hails from Dayton, Ohio. Coming from a rough upbringing, his music became a focus, and escape from the harsh realities of his daily life. “[I] grew up poor,” he tells AAHH. “My mom was murdered when I was young, so I was very troubled … I turned to music to keep my focus and stay in line.”

The 26-year-old cites Lil Wayne as a massive influence on his career. “Drought 3 is the greatest project ever in my opinion,” he says. “I was in and out of jail as a kid, and I didn’t like sports. I had nothing to distract me. When Drought 3 came out, and I was so in awe; I wanted to be creative like that it changed my outlook on music,” he explains. “I understood it so well, and I noticed that punchlines and melodies came to me so easily.”

As an artist, he’s fiercely independent. “I write and record all my music on my own … I’ve opened up for Lil Webbie, Yo Gotti, and MGK,” he says. “I do a lot of shows and donate the door money to charity,” he notes. “My last show we raised $14,000 for breast cancer in a night.”

My slogan is #foreverbetter. It means constant progression, always putting a foot forward.

Though currently working on his fourth mixtape, Forever Better Pt. 2, he only recently released his first official single via major streaming networks. “But Then It Got Dope” is a club-ready song that shows off Carhon’s seasoned confidence and potential.

“What’s next for me is to start working on building my fan base via Spotify and iTunes … to start getting some revenue from my music to reinvest in myself,” he says. 2018 could be a great year for the young emcee.

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