It’s been a long time; we shouldn’t have left you. But we did, and we’re sorry about that. Let us explain.

Life and politics.

It’s that simple; some copyright issues and politics in the background took what we once felt was one of the better sites championing underdogs out of the game for a little bit — rendering it a less impactful link dump.

Well, that ends here. We’re back: new look, new voices, and a new hunger to go beyond the clickbait bullshit and do what truly drives us — telling stories.

The industry is in such a crazy place of transition right now, with a new generation, mindset, and digital landscape taking things to insane heights and intriguing new spaces. It’s also seeing a disconnect between older and younger generations — and an even more enormous disconnect between major media outlets and artists on the cusp who don’t quite fit into the click-worthy mold.

We’d be remiss not to acknowledge how the happenings of 2020 have also been transformative for us, as it made the need to write content with a purpose that much more critical. There are lots of important angles that deserve to get the same light and respect as what’s afforded to more notorious figures in the industry who (with some exceptions, of course) really don’t need and deserve as much as they get.

We’re hoping that with a renewed focus, we can continue to nurture the community we’ve built with so many of our past readers while helping bridge the gap and amplify generations past and new school gems seamlessly. Hopefully, we can also inspire new readers and listeners to devote more time to understanding the foundation of the current lanes they occupy.

Let’s get it!