A$AP Rocky, Gucci Mane, and 21 Savage – Cocky

The lead hype song for Uncle Drew the movie, this is a fun, albeit forgettable, posse track. Unfortunately, London on da Track, of whom I am typically a fan, comes through with a static and wholly uninteresting instrumental. The hook, which feels like a lukewarm attempt to replicate the success of “Fuckin Problems,” is a bit lazy but instantaneously sticky. Although Rocky and Gucci fail to drop noteworthy verses, I appreciate that 21 Savage brings a more animated flow than usual.

Ugly God feat. PNB Rock – Imma Dog

Criminally underwritten, dying for a second verse, but pretty dope nonetheless. I love the crisp trap beat and the flavor added by the cold, hypnotic melodies swirling on top. The hook is the most strongly written aspect of the track, and PNB Rock does well with the forlorn, Travis Scott inspired autotune. Ugly God draws pretty heavily on Drake for the sole verse, but it goes over well enough. A welcome change of pace after the monotony of The Booty Tape.

YG – Suu Whoop

YG sounds as hungry and as charismatic as ever on this anthemic trap banger, which would have fit in nicely on Maxo Kream’s Punken. The instrumental, courtesy of J. Holt and DJ Mustard, definitely slaps, but it leaves more than enough room for the Compton rapper to carry the three minute run time. Although YG raps with enough personality to keep any track interesting, I love the colorful echo vocals added throughout the song.

Diplo and DRAM – Look Back

This is the best new track I heard this past week. With a vocal performance as commanding as it is diverse, DRAM showcases the immense range that makes him such a compelling entertainer. Between the signature falsettos on the verses and the potently emotional hook, DRAM leaves it all out on the court. Diplo keeps it skeletal on the verses, letting sluggish drums and low organs drive underneath DRAM. On the dramatic chorus, the drums kick in, and Diplo adds some layers of guitar and backing vocals.