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UK Producer Blankface Drops A Dope Tribute To Capital Steeze

UK producer Blankface drops off a remix dedicated to the late Capital Steez, something he considers an honor. “Personally I believe Steez could have been considered the best of this generation if he hadn’t passed away,” he tells AAHH. “Even still, in my opinion, the way his words connect with people, even for someone so young, has stuck with me for years … so I wanted to honor him by reworking a track.”

As he explains, he Initially aimed to rework his Dead Prez track, but wasn’t able to find a suitable acapella — however, he was able to find one of the verses Steez lays down on the Pro Era group track vinyl. “I thought it’d be cool to mash them together. So taking the sample Joey Bada$$ originally used for Dead Prez, chopping and reworking the piano and drums to provide a whole different swing to the original song, then mixing the Vinyls verse over it,” he explains.

“I decided on the name “We Are Not Alone” as a reference to his last line in the verse and the fact that in many ways he never left. His music lives on even to this day.”

The producer tells us he has lots of dope projects coming up. For now, check out the remix, below.


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