Since age 10, singer and producer Travis Hewett has been involved with music, and as he grew up, it was all around him. “My dad used to play all his vinyl to me, getting me into music from the 60s, 70s and 80’s,” he tells AAHH. “He played Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Metallica, and Santana which influenced me to get into more heavier styles of music.”

Travis played in a hardcore band for a few years before falling into his true calling in 2014, edm and hiphop. “I always loved listening to the instrumentals of popular tracks; so, this influenced me to take an interest in the production side of music,” he notes. Using Youtube, he taught himself how to produce and write music using FL Studio, which he still admits is his go to when creating music.

Fast forward to 2018, and Travis has unleashed his first impressions into the world — and it’s dope!

Travis’ debut single “Running” is dripping with commercial appeal; featuring the silky smooth voice of Ina Bravo — as well as NYC based Vocalizr artist Dimi Marc — the song has trap and pop undertones, an envelope of EDM vibe, and a hell of a lot of potential.

The song follows Travis — who has almost a Maroon 5 cadence — running from what he perceives to be the potential heartache that seems inevitable if he jumps in headfirst with what he describes as a “bad thing.” As well, it should be noted that he produced this track himself, which is impressive.

The song is super addictive and worth a few spins. Stream it, below.