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Toronto’s Nameless & Piracy Drop “Going To War”

Toronto is on fire right now, from the sports to the music. With so many of the world’s most famous…

Toronto is on fire right now, from the sports to the music. With so many of the world’s most famous entertainers hailing from the 6, all eyes are on the city’s next rising stars. While several up-and-coming acts are exploding from Toronto right now, one of the most recognized next to blow is Nameless and Piracy. The duo just released their new project, Kin6dom, campaigning for the title of future breakout stars in music in 2018. Nameless and Piracy release of their brand new single off the album, “Going to War.”

Known for their lyrical prowess, Name and Piracy head to New York to grab an equally superior wordsmith in well-known lyricist Mickey Factz. “Going to War” is a bold statement in the duo’s buzz-worthy sound. All three individuals execute sharp, crisp, and stand-ovation flows that show the excitement and hunger that quickly becomes hardened into future greatness.

“‘Going To War’ is a track where we wanted to display that our ability to rap is good enough to stand with some of the best MCs on the planet,” NameLess says. “Hip-hop was built around competition, trying to be the greatest, and we’re doing all that we can to bring that feeling back. A rapper like Mickey Factz has never lost that sense of competition, so he was the perfect addition to that track.”

Along with Mickey Factz, ‘Kin6dom’ features guest appearances by Marvwon, Ness, Chilla Jones, Quest Mcody, and Cambatta.’Kin6dom’ is the follow up to the duo’s top of the year EP release, ‘Groundwork.’ “Going to War” is the second single release by the new duo, following the project’s debut hit single, “Happy New Year.”

For more on Nameless and Piracy’s new album, ‘Kin6dom’. Watch the official album trailer below.

Listen to “Going to War” above, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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DJ Seip – “All Mine” ft. Illijah & Conman

Germany-native DJ Seip releases “All Mine,” a summer-ready bop featuring Illijah & Conman.

Germany-born DJ Seip releases “All Mine,” a summer-ready bop featuring Illijah & Conman; the release is just the latest example of how much Seip is capable of. Before launching his own indie imprint, Soul Kingz Records, he built a name for himself as Vietnam’s most renowned DJ — having risen the ranks in the party scene from the ripe age of 16-years-old.

The Berlin-based musician has already toured countries such as Malaysia,
Cambodia, Indonesia, and China playing alongside artists as such as Kid Ink, Tyga,
GrandMaster Flash, and many more.

His debut single landed itself on the German Top 200 back in 2014, and in 2015 his track “Like The Fugees” became a top 5 hit. “All Mine” looks to match that success with its undeniably mainstream appeal.

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FlossMobChase – “High Risk”

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Mark Ant – “150”

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