Thousands Vote Yes To Brexit

Today is a historical day in the world’s history. Britain UK has announced their exit from the market that focused on improving the personal lives of the British and the Europeans. The line of peace has been split and now in comes economic, social, foreign and ecological changes for the worst. Thousands of DJs, artists and club goers travel the lines for social events, and now they will be barred from these restricting lines in their region. Right now it is every country state for themselves the world is beginning to lock off their boundaries.

The French, the Italians and the Germans and other member states will continue to support their pact with the global partner that will shape European integration. The Euro will fall to the GBP currency( while the pound has already fallen to its lowest point), the UK’s already diminishing club scene will come to a cease and talent, and commerce will become hampered for their agendas. The musicians mostly of house and techno backgrounds and rap artist are rallying up by taking to their Twitter against the referendum. Referendum comes from mid 19th century Latin with its origin from the root word gerund (‘referring’), or neuter gerundive (‘something to be brought back or referred’). What are the leaders of this world referring to that they want to bring back? A list of question to the entire electorate state will have to be answered by the new Prime Minister since the previous one already resigned.

Since March 8, 1973, all the way down to September 18, 2015, the UK has had 11 referendums mainly due to the fighting spirit of the Northern Irish state members and fiery goblets of Scottish state members. How will this effect touring artist who have such a strong fanbase within these enemy lines? How will the fans of the musicians of the earth combat the referendum — and most importantly — how long will this referendum take before it hits our shores?

Stay tuned!

Thousands Vote Yes To BrexitThousands Vote Yes To BrexitThousands Vote Yes To BrexitThousands Vote Yes To Brexit

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