“We make music. Of course, with a Hip Hop base but also sprinkled with Jazz, Funk, Dancehall, Rock, Folk, Salsa, etc. man. I mean, for real, the list goes on and on and on and on! We love art… but we hate labels!”
—The Yellow Cloud

Music is life is a term numerous artists are taking on, but for these two brothers from the city of brotherly love it takes on a whole new meaning. The Philly-duo of Nasty and TreeLag, who collectively perform under the stage name The Yellow Cloud. The college friends, who were initially part of a trio called Wonderpussy, cite influences that range from Peruvian folk and afro-latin, to 90s hip-hop that many of us head hold so dear. To say their sound is eclectic would be an understatement. Their latest single, “Straight Out The Dungeon,” delivers a ton of funky underground [basement] aesthetic, and dope lyrics — as well as guest spots from PacMan of FHTMG and DJ 92 of RMG. The fellas are classically trained musicians, with extensive backgrounds in music; that needs to be understood when taking them in. Their sound is the amalgamated product of putting in work.

This ain’t nothing new for them, and it’s only the beginning. “Just hop up on The Yellow Cloud and take a ride with us! It’s gonna be fun,” remark the duo. We’re going to have to agree; all aboard!