Tale Of The Demo Pt. 2: One Leg Up

Welcome to part 2 of Tale Of The Demo. This week we’re going to feature One Leg Up Records, who have pressed some amazing demo releases. What makes these releases even more awesome are the limited nature of them (roughly 200 each).

Some of their most notable releases to date have been Herb McGruff’s Demo EP, Beatnuts Intoxicated Demos, Pete Rock & CL Smooth The Basement Demos and Lord Digga’s The High Plains Drifter EP. They also released a highly praised Brand Nubian EP, which was a demo recorded just before All For One.

Something about hearing these demos on vinyl makes it even that more special for real heads. Unfortunately if you’re reading this, you missed out – however you may still be able to find yourself a copy on discogs. If having it on vinyl isn’t a priority, the bulk of One Leg Up’s releases can be found on Spotify, You-Tube and so on. We compiled some stand-outs below!

Leading up their releases the label interviewed the artists and provided lots of great insight/detail – it’s worth a read.

Next week we’ll take a look at some dope original versions of classic hip-hop tracks.

— Keep Digging!

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