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Snyder Ft. 51b – “Til Nothing is Left”

Raleigh based DJ/Mutli-Instrumentalist/Producer, Snyder, links up with NY based upstart, 51b. Together, they’ve created a single that every independent artist can relate to. “Til Nothing Is Left” is an emotion-filled ballad that’s dedicated to all the artists who are pushing to make it.

The long road an independent artist must take to achieve their dreams can be a grueling one. Snyder lays the groundwork for rapper, 51b, with nostalgic piano melodies and an emotion-forward beat. The song is carried by B’s poetic verses, positioning itself as a promise you can do anything if you grind hard for yours.

“This song still sends shivers down my spine every time I listen to it. The song is flooded from me in 30 minutes, and I immediately sent it to B. We both wanted to tell the same story.”

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