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Sittin’ On Chrome – 20 Years Later

This past weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the classic album Sittin’ On Chrome by Masta Ace Incorporated – a short lived group formed by Masta Ace shortly after the release of his debut album. To help put the album into context historically, this album dropped a year after Crooklyn Dodgers.

Ace first came to prominence with the Juice Crew in 1988 when they dropped The Symphony. It’s still regarded as the blueprint for a perfect posse cut. He dropped his debut solo album in 1990, and two later formed INC.

The group itself consisted of Masta Ace, Paula Perry, Lord Digga, Leschea and Eyceurokk. Sittin On Chrome was their sophomore release; their debut album Slaughtahouse had dropped 2 years prior. Even though it had some serious heat rocks, like I.N.C Ride, Born To Roll and the title track, the album didn’t quite “pop”. Amidst disagreements between Ace and, well, everyone in the group except Leschea, the group broke up in 1996.

Ace was – for all intensive purposes – ghost until just after the turn of the century. He dropped Disposable Arts and has been buzzing in the scene ever since (with a new project every 3-4 year habit). As of late, you catch him on tour with eMC in promotion of their upcoming album.

We thought we’d take a few minutes and pay tribute to a solid piece of hip-hop history – an album that will always have a spot on my playlist.

Check out this ZULU North Radio mix.

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