Kickstarted has become a hotbed for amazing things – from local bands funding 7″ pressings to the resurrection of Reading Rainbow. Once and a while something comes along that blows your mind. I’m not talking about the potato salad that raised almost $25,000 in funding, I’m talking about Run The Meows, which was an attempt to raise the funds necessary to remake El-P and Killer Mike’s entire project using nothing but cat sounds.

Sounds ridiculous – but stay with me.

The project actually pulled in quite a lot of interest, but it really took off once Just Blaze pledged his commitment. This prompted The Alchemist. Geoff Barrow, Skywlkr, Zola Jesus, Nick Rook, Baauer, Prince Paul, Dan The Automator, Boots, and Tier Contributor Solidified Sun to also jump on the meow-wagon.

All jokes aside it sounds pretty epic. The promo video below was posted a day ago by Mass Appeal.