Rugby Wild Needs To Be On Your Playlist

Newark, New Jersey’ rapper Rugby Wild is definitely in his pocket with his latest single, “Scuffs.” A few run throughs of his new video put me in mind of the 90s film Kids — if only just visually. The visual is beaming with an undercurrent of youthful exuberance and that “last summer before adulthood.”

Brick City has a long, storied history in the Hip Hop game — from Artifacts and Redman to Queen Latifah and Lords Of The Underground. With a new wave of drill inspired music flooding the tri-state, Rugby Wilds (an acronym for “regardless of reflection you got to be yourself; whether I live or die”) is a glimpse at what’s to come. Not quite as golden era as the past projects from Pro Era, but way more conscious than some of the other acts running through the five boroughs or rolling through Jersey.

He dropped his first mixtape back in 2012, and his debut album W.I.L.D just last year. “Scuffs,” which had a premiere on Noisy, is the first taste of what his upcoming release “Millennials” is going to sound like.

Give the new fire a few spins.

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