Royce Vs. Outsidaz: It’s On

Royce da 5’9, (aka Ryan Daniel Montgomery) was born in Detroit, Michigan on 5 July 1977. He always been labeled as a lyrical genius for years, but his new track “Dead President Heads,” a six-and-a-half-minute emotional tangent with no hook, is a track that talks about beef going back as far as 1999.

He has officially declared beef with the Outsidaz, a New Jersey rap group associated with Eminem. Eminem is known to be tight with the Jersey crew, and even shouted them out on his groundbreaking “The Slim Shady LP.” Eminem is also friends Royce, though, an artist he has collaborated with numerous times. Royce obviously does not have the same relationship with the Jersey group, which he reveals in the songs lyrics:

“In ‘99, the Outsidaz told me I wouldn’t last/I’m too arrogant/But here I am, two boys, two girls, two errors in/And they over there on pills and heroin,” Royce raps.

After hearing their name mentioned, members of the Outsidaz responded to the public diss on social media. Pacewon, the founding member of the famous group, responded to Royce on his Facebook saying: “The funny thing is I think the song is dope, but I’m very offended.” “I considered him a friend and after 17 years, songs together, seeing each other out and about and all. He disses us? Not cool. Not cool at fuckin’ all! We should be getting together, not going at each other but whatever! Once again#HipHopHistory has been made. Pacewon continued: “One of my G’s messaged me… Lol, fuck em he think better than everyone now cause he sober and found God if he wasn’t part of Slaughterhouse, three-quarters of these people wouldn’t know who the fuck he was.”

Continuing the beef, Pacewon and Royce took to Twitter Going back and forth with one another,: “You can’t possibly think that you as entertaining on the mic as we are,” said Pacewon. Royce responded, “I still love you Pace Won…Y’all started it tho [sic].”

Feed-up with the tedious arguing and diss record, Pacewon declared war on Royce by stating he’s bringing his Outsidaz comrades with him. “By the way, I spoke with Young Zee and D.U. yesterday! It’s on bitch!” he tweeted. “Royce Da 5’9″ vs. The Outsidaz! Let’s go! I declare war!” This sparked another Outsidaz member, Denz to resound by posting a photoshopped picture of Royce and Eminem with a sarcastic caption: “So this fag ass insecure ass creep,” he wrote. “JOYCE the 5’9 thought it would be a good idea to sneak diss us?!Coward ass nigga was a fan when we met him. He’s been harboring some ill feelings towards us for 17 years!!! And we didn’t even know, What kinda shit is that? He talking about some shit from 1999? Em came and saved this homo now if you think it’s a good idea to come at us cause he think niggas is in active.”

On the track Royce doesn’t stop his dissing rampage with the Outsidaz, he mentioned more names. The Detroit MC also called out modern artists. First, he responded to Tyler, The Creator and people who dissed Eminem over the years. “Niggas dissed Marshall after they copy his whole reference/Like we won’t send an actual firing squad to their studio/That will Basquiat their whole session,” he rapped.

Royce might have bit off more than he can chew, but the lyrical creator he is will only empower him to be successful. When this track he has been able to vent, even if the beef started 17-years-ago.

Check out the Outsidaz response below.

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