Ramel Shakur – “OK”

Recently Ramel Shakur releasds his new video for the single, “OK.” Based on a true events, this single takes you…

Recently Ramel Shakur releasds his new video for the single, “OK.” Based on a true events, this single takes you through the eyes of one of North Carolina’s most promising up-and-coming talents.

With an uncanny ability to flip his words, Ramel Shakur continues with North Carolina’s onslaught of the game after artists like Da Baby and J Cole have recently shed new light on the “Tar Heel State”

“I started rapping with big cuz and it eventually became a passion of mine,” Ramel Shakur said of his passion for rapping. “Its tough trying to make it out of Greensboro, I ain’t gonna lie. It has its pros and cons and the city is just like any place with crabs in a bucket. We could probably be a Mecca of music if we came together, but right now its a little bit separated. Having Da Baby and J Cole’s Dreamville, its really put a spotlight on us here and we have an opportunity to show the world what we got in Carolina.

Ramel Shakur has been through it all when it comes to the music game just like his song “OK” describes. Combining real life in his raps, Ramel Shakur is giving fans a raw take on his life.

Ok is based on true events and I had to take the time and broadcast it. I was just venting when I made it based on a true story, paid $500 like the chorus said. I was expecting one thing and got something totally different,” Ramel Shakur said. “I have a one of a kind sound, I have some R&B, some rap and it’s just a little bit of this and that – it’s just feel good music. I’ve always had some of the R&B sound and now I have a few records that I put together that are really going to take off.

Following up his album Made For This, Ramel looked back and reflected on the project thats really put him on the map the last few years.

“Before I quit my job to do music full time, I wrote the project Made For This. I was trying to get myself together and it was just me trying to figure out what I wanted to do. On top of that I have my series where every Monday I drops a song. Right now I”m on week 152, so we are approaching 3 years of a song every week.


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Fat Yunginn – “Show My Ass” Ft. Yella Beezy

Recently Cash Money Records/UMG signee Fat Yunginn delivered his new video for the song, “Show My Ass” featuring fellow Dallas,…

Recently Cash Money Records/UMG signee Fat Yunginn delivered his new video for the song, “Show My Ass” featuring fellow Dallas, Texas rapper, Yella Beezy. Flaunting fast cars, women and of course sacks of money, Fat Yunginn continues to put himself on everyone’s radar going into the Summer months.

“We shot the video last year around this time and we kind of held on to it. There’s a food fight scene in the mansion with some ladies and then we got a scene where me and Yella Beezy are racing cars. He was in a Hellcat and I was in a Charger. We were just doing it for fun, but there were some females out there, and we were showing off,” Fat Yunginn said. “It’s a great opportunity being with Cash Money. I always wanted to sign with them as a kid and just to be a part of them now it’s an honor. I always liked their music videos and songs and I’m rapping about the same stuff they were – it’s the same lane of music they were dropping in the 90’s and 2000’s just with a new twist. They supported me when I dropped my single on all the platforms under Cash Money and now with the Show My Ass challenge they’ve been really helpful getting that going.”

The song and challenge come on the heels of a string of successes for the young Texas upstart who has graced the pages of Billboard, AllHipHop, Hype Magazine and his hometown newspaper the Dallas Observer since the announcement of his signing to Cash Money Records / UMG.

“Things have been going good despite COVID-19, we are getting ready to start the #ShowMyAssChallenge and then we got the #ShowMyCash challenge for the fellas. We got the song on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal and all the platforms, we are ready to go. When the females win they get $1000, but for the males you get a post on IG and we gonna help them go viral,” Fat Yunginn said laughing.

While COVID-19 has posed a host of problems for rappers like Fat Yunginn, he has found ways to keep the fans engaged despite losing out on show money every day that the clubs and bars are closed.

“They opened the clubs and strip clubs, but they just closed them back down. I had just got booked for a show out here, but with the COVID-19 thing we are back on shutdown. We started back going and they had released us for a month and I had a show right away, now we are shut down. We have just been coming up with stuff online to keep the fans interacting. I was supposed to perform on the 4th of July, but it wasn’t meant to be.”

Despite the slowdown, Fat Yunginn has been steady at work putting the finishing touches on his album Sack Season that will be available for fans later this year.

“Show My Ass will be on the album Sack Season and it’s gonna be one of the singles on there. It’s got Yella Beezy on there and it’s a single for the city and basically Texas – the fans were asking for it so we gave it to them. The music video has been out for a bit, we got on Revolt, BET, MTV so we are going to mix that and start the challenge. We got on a good number of mixshows in Houston and Atlanta, so I think the fans are going to respond well.”

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